Personal Project

We needed a way to track our hours at Dagger Bros. We tried a variety of existing services, but came back to an ever-more-complex spreadsheet that met our exact needs. I took the key learnings and created... DaggerTime.

I created the software using the javascript framework Meteor, and hired a freelance engineer to help button things up and improve with database management.

Key features include:

  • Visualize time investment at a glance.
  • Easy workflows to manage projects, create tasks, and log time
  • Invite additional owners and contributors to your project, with managed permissions.
  • Generate reports for custom time periods, projects, and users.

We used Daggertime internally for dozens of projects, tracking our time for billing and internal analysis. The product evolved as we understood our needs better, and became an integral part of our operations.

I had dreams of launching Daggertime as a publicly accessible online service, with free and paid plan options, but never prioritized it, knowing the huge commitment that would be required to prepare and maintain a public release.

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