Wonder Workshop

UX Design

Dash & Dot are two amazing robots created by Wonder Workshop to teach programming concepts to kids. Working through Dagger Bros., I was responsible for UX design for the four flagship apps, as well as marketing and web design.

App Design

GO is the simplest app we developed, intended as a starter app for all ages.

GO provides direct control over Dash or Dot. Interactive panels represent different functions, with big, simple, fun controls that even very young children can use.

Additional GO panels allowing for different interactions; controlling the head, playing sounds, putting on light shows, and alternate ways to control movement.

PATH was a vague idea at the time I got involved.

I designed and prototyped a simple UX around dragging a line from the robot onscreen, snapping nodes to the line, and setting properties for each node.

It’s a simple app, but pressing “Play” and seeing Dash act out your visual script is pure magic.

BLOCKLY is where Dash and Dot shine as a STEM toy. I was deeply involved in designing the overall framework of the app, as well as fun interactive panels that correspond with specific robot functionality.

Onboarding kids into Blockly required special attention. We went onsite at various elementary schools and summer camps, testing usability to identify friction points and challenging concepts.

There is no job more fun than making panels like these.

XYLO uses the xylophone (you guessed it!) accessory, and enables simple, accessible basic loop creation.

From that baseline, we designed functionality to allow for advanced sequencing of multiple loops.

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