Firstline Medical

UI/UX Design

FirstLine was a VC-funded startup that went through several product iterations, aimed at increasing access to convenient, affordable healthcare by leveraging video chat and on-site house calls.

As a startup, FirstLine needed to get off the ground quickly. Working through Dagger Bros., I was responsible for a full range of design services throughout this process, including branding, app design, web design and advertising.

App Design

I handled visual and UX design for Firstline's apps, providing continual updates as the business model was refined.


Dagger Bros. designed the Firstline logo. The goal was to create something flexible enough to accomodate a business that was still trying to find its niche.

This meant a general focus on 'medicine,' while avoiding status-quo symbols like the cauceus or plus signs. We established a simple logo of a doctor emerging from an implied phone.

Firstline needed a variety of promotional assets for VC decks, Facebook advertising, and on the company website. Starting with simple sketches, we established shots that would showcase the service's value, and worked with a professional photographer to capture the final images.

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